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radeon ,KT133a and SBlive probs. :(

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Senior Member
Dec 27, 2000
far west
My m8 has a KK266 w/radeon 64 and an SB live, runs 98se and he's gotta run DX8 for nascar4 and the thing locks up in games, sometimes 1 minute somtimes 30,, I suspect its drivers ,but have never owned an ATI card ,so I dont know what to tell him to install on it ,,any help is greatly appreciated,,TIA surlyjoe
I had the same problem with my setup and now I finally after about a month have it completely stable!!! From what I figure its not a problem with the ati but the kt133A. I used the Luckydaze bios 0426 bios which allows you to disable acpi. This allowed me to get individual irq's to my soundblaster, video card, usb, and Ethernet card. This new bios is also supposed to get rid of the lockup problems with the 686b chipset and the sb live, I didn't get rid of my problems unitil I disabled acpi though. You will find a lot of info on all of this at http://www.fullon3d.com/kk266faq/kk266faq.shtml you can also get the luckydaze bios there.