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Radeon LE Heatsink Removal

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New Member
May 27, 2001
I've removed the heatsenk from a geforce 2 mx before and put a borb on it no probs. But with the Radeon LE there isn't any clips for the blue orb. So what I'm wondering, is firstly how can you remove the heatsink from the Radeon LE (is it glued on?) and secondly how do I attach the borb onto it?
This may sound a little crazy, but remove the card, place it in a zip-lock bag and get as much air out as possible. Put it the freezer for 20 minutes and then carefully pry off the heatsink.
As far as attaching the Blorb, Artic Silver Thermal Adhesive works good. Glue it on and let sit over night.
Check out geforcefaq.com and search for heatsink removal or something like that.

For the heatsink, I put a tiny bit of super glue on the corners of the gpu and regular thermal paste in the middle.
Freeze it and use a screwdriver with a credit card on the PCB to slowly and carefully pry the heasink off. Should come off pretty easy.