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Dec 20, 2000
I want to know whats the better card?? The Radeon DDR boards or The Geforce2 PRO cards. I was researching some prices when I saw that a RADEON 32MB DDR is $130/64MB VIVO $168 and the MX board I wanted is $118. Also I read some article a while back that said that the Radeon boards can handle high AGP bus speeds. It was like 100 and change. So what is the big difference between OEM and RETAIL?? Is it just the Warranty?? Come on guys I need some info, everytime I ask ya'll a question I only get like 1 or 2 replies!! I'm depending on your feedback to make my next purchase!!

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I would say the GeForce 2 Pro cards are faster, but the Radeon cards have better image quality.

The difference between OEM and retail, is that with oem, u don't get the retail box or sometimes games and little extras that come with the retail card, and you also usually don't get as long of warranty (usually like 1 year instead of 3).

Choosing between a Radeon and a GeForce 2 PRO, I would personally choose the pro, because I want more speed and I don't like the issues ATI cards have been known to have (they are usually fixable with a driver download or patch, but I don't like to have to take the time to go and find those). But if image quality is the most important to you, then go with the ATI.

If you're smoking to buy a GeForce 2 Pro 64 MB, just look around GeForce 2 Ultra are coming down like a rock.

Almost all GeForce chips can handle high AGP bus speeds, near 100 MHz.
I have both and I game quite a bit, but I happen to like the visual quality my Radeon 64MB VIVO gives over the raw speed of the GeForce. Still not knocking nVidia for anything but I'd rather see a game the way it was meant instead of gain more FPS that I can't even tell are there anyways.

Just my personal opinion. Both are great cards in their own respect, nonetheless.
In all fairness, my brother is a big VooDoo fan. Just so you don't feel left out.

It's all he's had and all he ever buys.
What operating systems do you run or plan on running in the near future? Ever run or plan on running win2k? If so, you need to know that ATI is infamous for very poor win2k support. If you ever plan on running win2k or winXP (which is just win2k wiith a prettier GUI) then you might be better served by an Nvidia product.

Furthermore, Nvidia might still be in business a year from now and still supporting their cards. I'm not saying that ATIs demise is immentent or anything, but things might not be so rosey for them when they are being sued by their own shareholders. That can't be a signs that things are going well.
I plan on sticking with 98SE for a while. I run W2K every once in a while, and I also run LINUX 7.0(very little, still learning how to use it!!)!!

:eek: MooTDawG :eek:
I prefer the Radeon, the colors are brighter and richer. I also watch alot of DVD's and the Radeons DVD quality is the best I've seen. Niether will dissapoint you.