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Radeon Questions

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Feb 24, 2001
Iowa City, Iowa
i just have some Q's about the radeon, first can anyone tell me the difference between LE and VE models? is one better than another? and what is a VIVO? any replys would be appreciated.
Dunno about LE and VE (though it seems VE is the equivalent of the GF2MX - a stripped down version) - but VIVO stands for Video In Video Out - great for watching DVD's on a TV and capturing video from a vcr or something.
The VE is 64 bit/ LE is same as the Radeon ddr with a reg hack, and is what I am running/ fast/ great 2d, I'm running my LE @ 171/171, and have run it at 183/183, 3dmark 2001= 2986 @ 171/171
I've been doing some looking into the Radeon card, and the more looking I do the more 'versions' I find. From what I can find at Creative's site, there are three base modles (of the 32 MB card):

1. Radeon VE #100-430119: Dual display model (standard CRT and flat panel outputs)
2. Radeon #100-430029: Standard base model. One output connector for CRT.
3. All in Wonder Radeon #100-709004: Dual display output, TV tuner, VIVO (video in video out)

I did not see a listing for the Radeon LE at their site.

Now the fun part starts ;D and it starts looking like a Chineese menu....
(not all options avaliable with all modles)

a. OEM or Box
b. 32 MB DDR or 32 MB SDR
c. PCI or AGP
d. With or without VIVO

GAH!! It's enough to drive one goofy :-D