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Radeon Retail 8500

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Jul 3, 2001
I just bought a retail 8500 yesterday aqnd I see so many different things about these cards.How can I tell if it's 3.6n memory and how can I check to see what the gpu and mem speeds are?Also what is the best program for twaking these cards?e
I have one too but its still sealed in the package I think the ram speed i writen on the Ram its self. I know if you download Power Strip you can tweak alot of cards and it will also show you the VC specs @ default. My 8500 is retail so it should be 275/275...

Bump I want a better answer :)
a Retail radeon 8500 is 3.6ns and it runs at 275/275....but there are newer ones that are 3.3ns not sure if theyre built by Ati though...

look on the ram if it says -36 then its 3.6ns....
Thanks for the help,I'll have to check tommorrow I have got heatsinks on them now.
personally i wouldnt take the trouble seeing as its a retail im 99.9% sure its 3.6ns