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Radeon Screenshots

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Zuck Gou :)

Jun 23, 2001
I want one, im just contemplating if i should wait for Radeon 2. Quality is a biggy so could someone with a Radeon post some shots, pleaseeeeeee

Or link me to some

screenshot wont do it justice. i have a gforce 3 now but id say the raddeon has better visual appeal by a small margin.
I'd be more than happy to get you a screenshot if I had Quake III. Anyone wanna send me a copy? Anyone? Anyone? Hehe
Ahh, no retail version. Darn [img="[URL]http://forums.overclockers.ws/forums/Public/Images/Default/E16.gif[/URL]"]. Oh well, I'll get you a shot as soon as I download it (stupid 56k) By the way, I have a 32mb DDR, not the 64. I'm not quite sure what the visual differences will be
On second thought, I'll just email them to you. The pictures posted aren't anything like the originals
And you know what? It took ~3 hours to download the thing. Kinda paid off after an hour of fraggin. Maybe I'll even get the game. Now I need to get a demo of Unreal

Theres the Unreal demo
Yes I did thank you very much.

Hope YOU have fun with Q3 and Unreal...

off to bed!