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Radeon wattman interfering with msi afterburner

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Darth Onix

New Member
Feb 7, 2017
Hi Guys

I have a powercolor R9 380x and yesterday i tried to overclock it in msi afterburner with a clock speed of 1125 and memory speed to 1601
(factory clock is 1020 and memory 1475) but what happens the wattman function in the crimson driver (ver 17.1.2) takes my clock speed down to 989 but the memory stays at 1601. I then completely removed the amd driver with DDU and reinstalled it and dident accept the wattman overclocking T&C's so it does not interfere with my overclock but after i did my overclock in msi afterburner the clock was running at 989 again so i dont know wtf is going on there

Also my older games like star wars knights of the old republic and Masseffect 1 will make lines and flicker when i launch them when i screw around with the overclocking but new games like battlefield 1 is not doing that. But when i reinstall the driver and leave all the clocks stock i dont get this issue

anyone got some ideas or maybe had the same problem


Premium Member
Mar 11, 2003
Hi, and welcome to the forums :) Seeing what you are attempting for an overclock Im going to say thats a bit aggressive to start. The flickering and all indicate instability. As far as the wattman part of the driver Im having no issues with MSI AB and the current AMD driver set. Not all games will force the GPU to full speed. I suspect your over clock setting were working but I think the OC itself is unstable at this stage. I would try 1050 and 1500 mem and get that stable. After that try 10mHz increments until you see artifacts. Just a few thoughts there hope it can help.