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radiator duct loop around?

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New Member
Jun 1, 2003
i was just wondering, i have a lian-li pc75b, cost me a helluva lot of money. i want to put ducting in for my dual 190cfm deltas for my radiator, but since i may change radiators or cooling setups, i dnot want to have to cut holes in the side of my case and have them empty later. this is what i was thinking::


you see, the fans are causing too much exaust in my case, so i need the ducts. i was wondering if i could get 2 120mm elbows, and sit them so one fan intakes air through the radiator, the air goes thru the elbow and is sucked back through the radiator... do u think this would cause bad temps since the air is being reused? will the air gaps in the radiator cause intake or exaust air to flow over into the opposite channel? any help is apprecitaed ;)
I'd just wait to see if you change set-ups, well I wouldn't even dream of cutting that case.........