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Radiator Questions.

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May 15, 2001
Ok........I have been thinking about buying copper tubing that is "pre-coiled" into a circular shape and using that as my radiator, UNTIL I can afford a "real" one from Becooling or such.

My original Mid sized tower is a gateway tower. If anyone is familiar with them the "inside" part of the outer shell is concaved a bit. I believe there is plenty of space to put a copper coil LITTERALY on the side of the case, and still be able to put it on and use it. The only problem I see is physicaly putting on/ and taking off the side that the coil lies in, without screwing up the water pipe attached to the in/out of the coil. Tricky of course, but I think it could be done. Let's assume it could be done. Second problem. There would NOT be a fan blowing air over the coils. (no room in this config)
So should I even use them if I can't cool them?

Another solution? I have plenty of room to add a second reservoir. Would a second reservoir "help" with the dissapation of heat? (assuming we still have no radiator?)

Bottom line........I can't afford a $50 radiator or even a $28 radiator. My life, and possibly marriage is on the line here, and I need a cooling/radiator solution, AND IT MUST BE INTERNAL. I have two babies walking around my setup all day. Can't have exposed stuff lying around. Thanks for any input.
Update: You might also give ebay a looksee. Sometimes there are good deals on heater cores 'n stuff.

I'd say look around for a automobile heater core. Look in the phone book for a scrap yard in your locality. There's bound to be one somewhere.

Here's a website that shows you how to install a heatercore on a mustang. It's complete with pictures and everything. :)
If you can't afford a $28 radiator, then I'd reconsider on watercooling and overclocking. Parts can fry themselves in a flash, then you're out a lot more than $28.

If $28 is out of your price range, then I'd wait until you had sufficient funds to get the right equipment. Saving money up front may seem like a good idea at the time, but could end up costing you more in the end.

The $28 BECOOLING radiator works great and fits into a mid tower just fine. That's what I used in my setup.