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Radiator Suggestions

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Jun 15, 2001
OK, I've decided to try my luck at water cooling. I wanna hit 1ghz with my Duron and the Alpha just isn't going to cut it. I've been going through all the info on water setups that I can find. I've decided to go with a radiator insted of a water tower due to size and being able to transport the system. Any particular radiators that you guys would suggest? I'm also gonna hit the local salvage yard tomarrow and see if I can find a good deal on a heater core there. Let me know what you guys use and what ones you've had the best luck with.
i bought this copper heater core brand new for 25.oo at Advance auto parts. havent set it up yet but should work great.
I agree, car heater-cores are great... especially when you can get a new one for about $20. They can be slighlty bulky, but I haven't had a problem. Does anyone know of a specific car that has a small heater core? Unless you're using peltiers you really don't need a big one or anything.
The DangerDen cube is a good choice if you have the room for it. My mid tower was low on realestate so I went with the BECOOLING radiator as it fit nicely in my case. My temps are shown below. I also custom built my system. All the info is in a article on the front page.
I have looked into a heatercore myself lately, and found that the core from a Geo Metro is small enough to fit in the front of my midtower with only slight modification to the drive cage. One of the watercooling articles on the front page has a link to a site that has specs for all heatercores, its a good place to start.
Who said the heatercore has to come form a car. My dad has a lawnmower out in the garage ??? What about that. Or my next door neighbors race gocarts. They must have a radiator on that too. I'm going to do some prowling tonight. There's got to be small radiators in my neighborhood.
I think older modle toyota trucks have a pretty small core. how do you plan to pump the H2O? sub, or inline? if your looking for portablity I would look into pumps too!
One thing you have to be sure of if you use a heater core is that you seat it properly! They're designed so that the resevoirs on the side allow the warmer water to reach the top of the heater core and make more passes through the tubes, increasing the cooling efficiency. I know a guy who's sticking his in the top of his case on it's side, negating that entire effect. It might not make a big deal if you don't have a peltier, or don't have a cpu putting out a ton of heat, but if you need to get rid of a lot of heat, make sure it's sitting the way it's supposed to be :)
I got myself a heater core from a 1990 Ford Ranger. It'll just fit inside my case. Now all I have to do is get it cleaned up before I install it.
AMDGuy, that was a very nice article you wrote. I am very suprised at your radiators results as they are quite good! Nice work.