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Radiators/Heater Cores a bit of help please.

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I took the measurements from my case and went to Autozone and looked through the back of their heater core book where everything is listed by dimensions. Keep in mind the in and out tubing sizes and the direction they go. Mine is a number39-9025 and its core measures7 3/4x6x2 and it has 5/8 hose inlet and outlet. Which really is 1/2 copper pipe easy to get fittings to sweat on to adapt.
The DTEK one i showed ya should handle your system easily. over at the [H] i see people running 250watt pelts on it and a 300gph pump:)
thats way way more than u can throw at it. youll be outputting 200watts tops. the NB and vid card dont put put too much, and the cpu at 2.4 will prolly be outting 120-150 watts

overdoze can you post a link at autozone for that Rad you posted? I can't find it.
And is it better than Malakai's alternative? Its certianly bigger but I'm considering pelts (imn the future) so I'd like the best for my cash!!

Also in regards to the converters 3/8 > 1/2 for overdozes option that would be a lot less water going through the Rad, and with a 400gph pump the pressure will be very high, which is worse for cooling...and I'd need some 1/2 silicon tubing! (although thats not a problem)

All I need to
know is which is best?

Thanks a lot guys.
nick - due to the design of the heatercores, flowrate is not a problem, the internal chambers in the radiator will not change. a high flow rate is fine.

any heater core should be good enough, they all have been designed to dissapate alot of heat, much more then your computer will ever produce.
Just got to decide between Malakai's and Overdozes'.
Thon how long does it take for Leufken to deliver something? Its taken all holiday and there nothing, yet Aquastealth delvered in days.

Its annoying because I need the resevoir, fans, pipng and socket clamp. I can't use anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The one I post previous is GMC/Chev Rear Htr. (Suburb.) ......1991-76 for $41.
At http://www.autozone.com you would have to add vehicle so I can not add link.

found a bigger one here

1980 DODGE TRUCK D150 1/2 TON P/U 2WD

pic here

that is one big hunking rad hehe :)
a little more expensive $53

PS: not sure about copper or alluminum. I suggest you email them the pic and ask them the dimension before order just to make sure it is the right one.
Thanks but I still can't find it!!!! I wetn to 1991 tried Chevy and GMC Trucks but then a load of r200/2500 models come up not parts...must be doing it wrong.

I may well get the one Malakai suggested as it requires no extra fittings or adaptions.
And it has the power of one of those Heater Cores....

Thanks a lot for the help, its amazing the amount of responses you get! I'll try to decide today.

Yup good decision if you prefer less work. The mistake I always make is tinker with different solutions and it takes me a lot longer to complete a project cause I would have to do a lot of mod. But mod are fun :)
forgot to mention this. Oh well here it is.