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Raditors for 2 gpu and 1 cpu

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Jan 24, 2016
Hey guys,
i need some advice with Radiators for my new system upgrade. I want to upgrade my rig to a full watercooled system and for that i need to geht 2x 980ti and one i7-5820k into a loop. I'm planning on overclocking both. I thought of 2 "EK-CoolStream PE 240 (Dual)" raditors, but don't know if they're enough to cool the system. (edit: My case is a 750D from Corsair)

For the radiators i would go with "EK-Vardar F2-120 (1450rpm)"-Fans, does anyone have experience with them? My last system was running an aio-cpu-cooler with 120mm high pressure and quiet edition fans from corsair and they were just awful.

Hope you can give me some advice.
Thanks :salute:

And sry if my english is pretty bad some times, but it's not my main language.
For that hardware I would cram all the rads I could in that case which I believe is a 240 up front and on the bottom and an additional 360 up top. You would have to be careful about rad choices to make them fit though.
Oops. That would be better. Lol!

I survived pretty easily with 5 x 120mm with the same heatload (5820k and 295x2).
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That's about 600 watts heatload right? With overclocking maybe 100 more? So yep, the OP's probably going to need a bigger case.

Looks like his case, the 750D would work.
At stock its 625W with everything at full load, yes. Overclocked, that can easily make 100W more.