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RAID 0 and RAID 1 setup in the same onboard RAID

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Aug 19, 2001
Is it possible to setup raid 0 on the 1st channel on a on-board RAID and raid 1 on the 2nd channel?

Thank you. :)

I don't know what RAID controller is on your board, but I suspect the answer is no.

Usually, when a controller offers striping and mirroring it is listed as "0+1" or "5". Most add-in RAID controllers offer one or both in addition to RAID0 and RAID1. But all of the intergrated controllers that I've seen are either/or, not both.

You should dig into the website of whomever makes your controller. I'll bet this is spelled out in their FAQ's or online manual.

I havent tried it but I dont see why not really but you should have the "partner" HDD in separate channels for increased performance on both RAID0 & RAID1 configurations. But to be honest I see the RAID1 as a waste since it is not backing up the RAID0 array realtime, normally people will go for a 0+1 & not separate arrays.
Controllers that support more than one array are a bit costly and definately out of the league of such makers as HPT and Promise. The TX2000 may do this, but I have no experience with it and would doubt it.

Most multi-array controllers are SCSI and I'd say the only IDE controllers that support this would be higher end 3Ware products and possibly Adaptec. I've not heard of either offering this type of option though.