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Raid or not to Raid

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New Member
Mar 9, 2001
I'm getting an Abit kt7a should I or should I not get the Raid board I only plan on running 1-40 gig hd at this time?
Wouldn't you buy a 40 gig western digital7200 rpm boxed for $139
nope go with the raid board and atleast 1 ibm 75gxp hd. They are alot faster then the western digitals. Trust me i have a wd.
Raid is server tecnolgy,it is usefull for the home user but I opted to pass on it.I am unfamialar with it and that is the reason I stayed away from it,also it is new to the home market so you may want to read up on it and let people with it tell you what thay use it for.
You never know what the future will hold. If you can afford the RAID board, buy it. You can get amazing through-put in RAID 0.
You may be able to use one HDD if you go the Raid mobo route, and only use the IDE headers, and disable raid...but, if you use the raid headers, you have to have 2 drives of equal size and speed. Several of us are trying to get some raid boards going as 8 IDE headers instead of doing it the raid way.
I suggest getting the board with raid available on it. Even though you do not plan to use it at this time, expandibility is always a good thing...'ey? :) Not only that, when you do acquire the lettuce to bust out another (same size, same model, same interface speed) HDD then you will have twice the room, and pretty much twice the speed. And that's always a good thing. ;D