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RAID question.

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Aug 23, 2003
New Jersey
I want to get a RAID card for my computer. What are the requirments? Do i need 2 of the exact same hard drives?

L337 M33P

Jun 5, 2003
2 of the same type of hard drive will mean that you are not limited by either one, which effectively means you get more value for money. No use buying a fast HD and a slow one when the slow one is going to be a limiting factor, and thus wasting the extra investment in a faster HD.

RAID commonly comes on new motherboards, check to see if you have IDE or SATA RAID onboard in your manual. If you don't have onboard you need a PCI RAID controller card - I got a basic model for £17 that does RAIDs 0, 1 0+1 and individual disks.


There are many different types of RAID, depending on who you are. RAID arrays range from a mirrored set to keep the family files safe to massive 15-drive RAID5 SCSI arrays in major servers.

RAID can be easily got for cheap, but why do you need it?