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Rain 2.0

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Dec 18, 2000
i can't tell that rain 2.0 has any effect on my temps. at idle or load. my temp will reach 44c while running seti. hovers around 30c at idle. am i doing something wrong. there is no piii option so i just used pii
I think your OS may enter into the equation. I'm not certain, but I think I read somewhere that some OS have the halt on idle built into them. I am using Windows ME and have seen no difference when using Rain, Waterfall, CPU Cool, etc.

Hey Hoot,

That's weird. I am running Windows ME.

What temps are you seeing? When I just turned off my SoftCooler the temps jumped almost immediately. I idle aroung 30 to 32 when overclocking a PIII700 at 933. The CPU temp went up to 34 instantly and then up to 39 just sitting here and typing this message. The MB temp went to 38 more slowly.

Both were at 31 when I started typing. The CPU temp dropped to 35 in seconds when the cooler was just turned on again and is on its way back to 31.

Most of these coolers don't work with Win2000. CPU Idle says it works with Win2000 though.
I haven't tried SoftCooler, but I definitely will when I get home. Do you have a link to it? Does it support T-bird/Duron? Do you have all ACPI features enabled on your Motherboard and in ME? I think that is where I read the HLT on Idle was contained. Thanks for the tip!

Maybe this is AMD vs Intel??

Can anyone help us figure this out. I have ACPI set to auto.
I found SoftCool 2, downloaded it, installed it and again, no change in temp at idle. It was reporting current idle of 44% and total idle of 49%. That was only with VIA HTM running. No TSRs, Nothing else running but essential OS stuff.

i am still using win98. i though rain2.0 was supposed to be a pretty good prgram.

where can i find softcool?
Just do a search on Google for the name. You'll get lots of sites and a few unrelated amongst them. There appears to be two versions circulating. Soft Cooler (500k) and Soft Cooler 2 (1M).