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RAM crash?

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Oct 1, 2002
Seattle, WA
Ok I was installing MS WORD 2000 on my computer (totaly legit) and It asked me to restart. Sure...It never quite finsihed restarting because it basicly froze a ways into shutting down. I am running XP home. I turn off the computer and push power. The A (3.25 inch floppy) drive chuggs away and I hear the computer restart. This continues. Just chug chug then restart. and all throughout this no monitor signal. I am like crap my dads Hard Drive just bit the dust I bet. So later I swap my HD into his cpu and same thing happns..nothing. I swap several componets untill I swap his RAM. Computer boots fine and continues installing word. Shutdown. I take out my RAM and check from dust blowing and stuff. I put his RAM back in. Chug chug restart. Ok good it looks like his RAM is bad. Hard drives are more of a pain ( and he had some work stuff on it) so its good. I will get some more ram later but What exactly caused this? It was pretty dusty in there but I didnt think that caused it. What did happen? Is it just the cheap RAM I got him from a store? ( I built this cpu for him) i have never heard of RAM crashing before.
Sure sounds like the ram fried itself. Try to return it.

I have seen RAM just stop working before. It happens.
Hmm fried itself that would explain the black marks .... :D hah j/k ya It is shot. I got it at this little store up the street in march so I have no idea if they will take it back. Thanks for the replys