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ram question, banks, dual load? single load?

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New Member
Dec 27, 2003
new jersey
Hi everyone, im new here:D

I am planning to buy more ram for my comp, so i start reading through the mobo manual for what type i need and it starts talking about banks and dual load modules and single load modules, what is all that stuff? What is a bank? What is a dual load module? What is a single load module? How can i find out what i have.

I have an ASUS A7N266C motherboard and currently their are 2 256 chips installed. In the manual it says i can have 2 dual-load modules and 1 single-load module. The total number of banks should not exceed 5.

thanks for any help in advance.



May 28, 2003
Welcome to the forums!!!

I think you're talking about dual channel. Looks like your mother board has 3 slots (banks) for 3 modules. You can just add another 512mb module in the 3rd bank but you'll lose dual channel over 512mb system memory. I've heard that on the AMD boards, dual channel only gives you about a 5% boost in performance so just adding a 512mb module wouldn't slow it down much. Just make sure the upgraded memory module is just as fast or faster than the memory you currently have in your system. Ideally, you should just replace them with 2 x 512mb for 1gb of memory but do you really need that much memory and is it worth the cost?

Check your manual to see where the 2 modules would go physically for dual channel mode.