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Rambus Boards

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Nov 13, 2001
Are there going to be any new P4 Rambus boards for a while? I don't want all my Rambus RAM to go to waste, and I kinda like it :).


Aug 18, 2002
There isn't a clear answer right now.

Here's what we do know: Intel is done with Rambus for the retail market. After the 850E and P4 is retired, they will only make RDRAM chipsets for servers and maybe some multi-proc IA-64 workstation boards.

At the Intel Developers Forum last month, SiS announced their new R658 chipset, with 1066 RDRAM support. This could be the board you are looking for, but there still hasn't been a production announcement or even a mention of who might make it.

I suspect SiS is waiting to see how Dual DDR goes over when it begins to ship. This is the direction Intel (and AMD) is going for the next-generation memory standard. The initial release of D-DDR will match the bandwidth of RDRAM 1066, and because it uses regular DDR it will be a lot less expensive for end users and system builders.

If Dual DDR ships on time (between next week and next spring, depending on who you ask) and if there are no glitches causing stability or reliability problems, desktop RAMBUS is probably dead and that chipset from SiS will never see retail production.

But, if Intel runs into the same problems with Dual DDR that it did with the CC820 chipset of some years ago, then SiS has a pretty good place to run it out and take advantage of the absence of a high end P4 chipset.

My semi-educated wild-assed guess says Dual DDR will have a clean launch and desktop RAMBUS is going to be quickly left behind. You might get one more generation of desktop boards for Rambus, but that's it.