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ramsinking the radeon 64

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phantom punisher

Jan 4, 2001
fort drum NY
i thought that ram sinks were sopposed to be a joke but for fun i touched the vid ram will running 3dmark2001. damn thats hot!!!! then i searched here and found that the guys were sinking there 32 as a rule. anyone out there done a 64? i can get 210/210 with artifacting right now. im thinking that the ram would love some TLC and reward me greatly. a healthy overclock would really send the fps up fast. im gonna do it but its always good to get the clans opinion and experience. also is it particulary hard to get the gpu sink off? is it just the fridgerator butter knife type routine?
your the first guy ive heard say that his memory was hot so if it is then installing HS's would definatly cool them down weather it will get you better benchmarks well you will have to try. as far as removing your chip ive heard of three method's of attaching 1 glueing which would be the frig method 2 the plastic pins [obvious] 3 ive heard once a guy had some stuff like double sided thermal tape and with a nudge it came off. when you freeze it make sure you put it in a plastic bag so that there is no chance of condensation, and be careful not to use the capacitors to pry with as more then one has gone flying when attempting this.

I have the Radeon 64 DDR and replaced the HSF and added RAM sinks. The RAM sinks did not seem to give me much more in the way of performance, (maybe a couple mhz's), but it did cool them down quite a bit and the more heat I can get out of this box the better. As far as removing the HSF, I ran the 3dmark 2000 demo in a loop for about 20 minutes and then took a thin knife and popped it off. Worked like a charm. Good luck overclocking, and let us know if you need any help doing that.
gotta ask the obvious..........have you at least applied the shack stuff over the GPU before you got that 210/210 score?

The clear snot looking gue under my sink on my GTS could not have possibly be doing a good job. The sink was semi warm to the touch while running 3D 2001. But when I replaced that with AS2, the sink was considerably warmer. Proof to me that the goo was not up to par and the sink was doing a better job after.
I have removed the fan on my Radeon 64 and replaced it with a blue orb. I have taken an old blue Intel 233 heatsink and cut it up for ram sinks and put those on. I run my Radeon at 201 Mhz, which isn't to awfully bad. Got some extra points in the benches, but nothing to write home about...about 200 points in 3D Mark 2001.

But hey, it looks cool.
I had the radeon LE, once i got it to around 175/175, the ram was too hot for my liking, so i got an old socket 7 heatsink and fan, cut the hearsink in half, sanded the edges down and attached them with Shack goop and superglue, the fan i just attached to the radeon heatsink which i had lapped previously and added shack goop in the same manor as before. After all that it became stable at 191/191 (keep in mind that the LE uses 6ns ram and retial and the 64mb flavors have 5.5 so i could never get as high as you guys) At 148/148 my ram was pretty cool to the touch but 30 extra mhz made me make ramsinks.
well i riged it all up last night with parts from good old radio shack. it didnt gain much at all i think i got 40 more points in 3d2001. today i could run it at 215/215 but its artifacting. the only real thing i noticed is that 210/210 dosnt have half the artifacting it had before. in hind sight it wasnt worth my time, but i cant say i didnt have fun trying. yea i was shocked at how badly the stock glue was applyed to the gpu. thanks for the responces
I also think it was a waste of time on my part. I only gained a few points. Overclocking is the Radeon's strong point. But hey, my card looks kick-***. I only get 5 artifacts on the test at 201 which is acceptable to me.
I feel it was well worth the time, not for the extra points in benchs but rather knowing that it is running nice and cool and will most likely prolong the life of the card. Also it looks cool as stated above. But for the cost ( 0$) i feel it was well worth it. And the time.... i did it in front of the TV.