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ran into an issue OCing my 3570k

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Sep 23, 2017
So I'm doing my first overclock, the beginners sticky wasn't all that helpful for me as I have an asrock z75 pro3 so I don't have any of the chipsets that thread talked about and a lot of the settings were either very different or not there at all. I used another guide, and everything was going smoothly (temps were at 70 or below during prime 95, no warnings or other issues) until the moment I turned my cpu beyond 4.2, once I did that it would crash right after hitting the windows screen every time. Just for the sake of being complete, I went to 4.2 slowly, then was fed up with the slow process, tried going right to 4.5 (maybe that was a huge mistake?) that's when it started happening, and stayed until I went back to 4.2. Since I turned it back to 4.2 its worked fine. Would appreciate any help, not looking for the most insane OC but was hoping to get to at least 4.3 and 4.5 if I could while being stable and still not degrading the life of my cpu too much.

Edit, wanted to add a little more information with another question I'm having. I'm attempting to run the longer stress test at 4.2 and I'm not having any failures but I have realtemp and hwmonitor running at the same time and after about 20 minutes the individual core temps get quite high and disparate. They reach 90 individually and have a spread of around 10 degrees, but when I look at hwmonitor its cputin value only says 52 degrees. Which should I listen to/is relevant? Also I'm slightly confused as to the fact that the temp rises and rises when I leave my comp but as soon as I come back to it and do something on it (open a web browser to come here and type this for instance) my temps drop from high 80s to low 70s all of a sudden. Is this some weird cyclical thing with my fan? (have a cryorig h7) or is this all maybe a sign that I didn't apply the thermal past correctly and should redo it?

Again any help with both of these issues would really help me, thus far its been pretty straight forward but I'm completely out of my league of how to handle things when they go wrong.

again just to make sure its known this is all at 4.2.
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I hope you got your answer already, but I'll weigh in. I've had a 3570k for 5 years. I run it at 4.2 on air cooling and never reach the temps you're talking about. First, I'll tell you if you want to get past 4.2 you have to start playing with voltage and you'll most likely need LC. If you're having high temps, I would start by reseating your hsf. Yes, it's a pain, but better than frying your cpu. I would love to upgrade, but can't afford a new mobo, cpu, and DDR4, so i'm in the same boat. For me, it just isn't worth trying to squeeze any more out of my 3570k. 4.3 or 4.4 isn't worth the effort in mho. Reseat it, run it at 4.2 and start saving. : )