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Random Blue-screens (BSOD) PLEASE HELP! :-(

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New Member
Jan 22, 2017
Desperately in-need of your expertise, guys. :( In my newly opened INTERNET/GAMING CAFE, after a few hours of gaming (especially DOTA2), and usually when the players press ALT+TAB to check on other windows (chrome for facebook, youtube, etc.) while playing DOTA2, system goes into a BLUE-SCREEN OF DEATH with no specific error code. Just the sad face and the sad news it brings.

Current Set-up:
10 brand-new units, all w/ same specs
Air-conditioned Room
OVERCLOCK settings are all set to defaults (OC n00b here)
All drivers updated and latest BIOS-firmware installed.

OS: Windows 10 PRO 64-bit
Motherboard: MSI A68HM-E33 v2 (Latest BIOS installed)
CPU: AMD A7860K APU (STOCK heatsink/fan assembly)
Graphics: NO VIDEO-CARD. Only using the AMD-APU
RAM: 2 x 4GB Kingston HyperX Fury DDR3 1866MHz
Hard drive: 240GB Kingston UV400 SSD
Monitor: Acer 20" 1366 x 768 Monitor
+++ > Added 1 COOLING FAN


Is there anything that needs to be configured (especially on the Overclocking settings) instead of using defaults to avoid this problem?

Any help would be very deeply appreciated.



Beamed Me Up!
Jun 9, 2013
Check the error log. There has to be a code of some kind if you're getting a BSOD.


Senior Member
Dec 27, 2008
Some things need clarification from your description of the problem.

First, is this happening on all 10 units, some of them, or just one of them?

Second, what do you mean by "OVERCLOCK settings are all set to defaults"? Do you mean the computer or computers having this problem are not overclocked at all and running at stock speeds and voltages? Or do you mean the overclocking was done with somekind of bios overclocking wizard or even a Windows-based overclocking tool?

Third, are these computers custom built units or mass produced ones by some big company like Dell or HP? If the latter, what is the make and model?

Fourth, you say you added 1 cooling fan. I assume you mean to the case. How many total intake (pushing air in) and how many total exhaust (pushing air out) fans are mounted in the case? If this is an aftermarket case, what is the make and model. Poor case ventilation could be the culprit.

Fifth, the problem you describe sounds like an overheating problem, either of the CPU or of motherboard components. I say this because it seems to happen after a regular time interval of intense use. Have you checked temps with any monitoring tools? For those AMD APUs you would need to use AMDOverdrive. I suggest you install AMDOverdrive and run the one hour stress test. In the user interface there is a line item you can choose to check the CPU Status. In that screen you will see a graph for each CPU core and a report on "Thermal Margin" which is the amount of room before hitting the temp which will cause either thermal throttling or shutdown. What is the minimum thermal margin achieved during the stress test? Does the stress test complete? Also download MSI Afterburner and run the GPU stress test for 15-30 minutes. It will give a temp readout. What is the maxium temp reached by the IGP?

I know nothing about DOTA 2 or how demanding it is with regard to system resources so I'm making an assumption here that is heating up the system significantly.

The other thing I note is that you have installed Kingston RAM in the computers. It is well-known that AMD doesn't play well with Kingston.
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