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Random freezes after 30min. - 1hr.

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Apr 16, 2011
So my pc has been getting freezes every now and then, usually after longer sessions of gaming (1hr or more) usually. No artifacts on screen, no BSOD, just a total freeze. After a hard reset then things are fine until it happens again. GPU and CPU temps are normal. No overclock on cpu, just XMP and slight GPU OC with 80+ on core and +150 on mem. What does this sound like to you guys? I sure hope it isn't the GPU because it's an EVGA GPU and we all know what happened to them and nvidia.
maybe tame the XMP timings a bit to make sure the system memory is stable. Just a guess
I do have two different kinds of RAM maker, two by hynix and 2 by samsung. Same corsair dominator and speed though. ??
Well, logic says to start by taking off your overclock on the gpu/not using xmp and running stock. If it doesn't happen again, it's one of those things. From there you can figure out how to isolate those two things (enable one thing and test.... if good, disable and try the other).

If you think it's mismatched sticks (it could be...weird it worked for a while and now suddenly doesnt work tho...eh?), take one set out and try. ;)

Did you check the windows error logs (if not, do so) and see if it shines light on the situation? Basic troubleshooting braaaaaa.... you got this! :)

As far as evga, they'll have warranty cards...they said as much and it's only been a couple of months so surely you're fine on that front if it happens to be the gpu. Quit 'yer worrying over that. Lol!
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I removed the oc and set the GPU to stock, still froze up after about 35 min. One time all I was doing is browsing on google and it froze up. I also took off the XMP and still freezes after so long. I'm going to try a clean install later on today and if that doesn't fix it guess I'll have to take it to Microcenter and see if they can figure it out. Just bought WoW - Dragonflight too. Damn! Where exactly and what exactly am I supposed to be looking for in the error logs ED?
Feels like I need to say this out loud................if the entry didn't happen right around the time of the freeze, chances are that's not it.

What about errors? Is that critical thing just before your system froze (these are time stamped). If so, what is the bonjour service (look it up if you don't know)? I would look for errors in Windows logs in the application and system sections. If you click on it, it literally tells you in the window below what the app is (or at least you can see the .exe and know what it is. But yeah, you're going to want to be looking for errors really close to the time the system froze.

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I haven't installed it for years, but Bonjour Service (used to be) is part of Apple's software to sync/backup your devices. Don't know if it's still called iTunes or if that has changed.
He did test each kit individually in the proper slots (well, at least one, lol). Just want to make sure you caught that. :)
Yes I saw that. I just wanted to check for actual the part numbers in the motherboard's compatibility listing.
I think that ED has gotten the best advice on this along with dejo.

I will add that firmware updates may yield positive results too. Check for BIOS/Firmware updates on your MB at a minimum and then look to see if there is something for the GPU too although there usually isn't.

Finally, I've seen audio drivers cause issues like this in the past and while counter-intuitive, it may be bad audio drivers causing this issue. I would check for all driver updates before tossing in the towel.
Yes I saw that. I just wanted to check for actual the part numbers in the motherboard's compatibility listing.
Acknowledged. But they did work previously so... there's that.

If it's a driver issue, you should also see that in the Event Viewer... but updating things can't hurt (worse, right?).
Yes bonjour service is has got to do with apple, i don't even own that apple phone anymore. I'm just going to do another clean windows install, and maybe I should quit using ccleaner. Seems to cause more problems than it fixes. I will get part numbers in a bit and look em up for my mobo.
I haven't done a clean install yet, but I did check the RAM part numbers. I also took a picture because 2 of the sticks look different than the others. The part numbers are the same on all sticks and is CMT16GX4M2C3600C18. 20221201_171224.jpg
So I reinstalled windows and all was back to normal until I turned on XMP. Even after turning back off XMP it was acting weird again. Before XMP 3dmark stress test was passing with high scores, afterwards it dropped from passing with high scores to not passing with terrible scores. It has to either be my mobo or PSU. Seems like as soon as I turn the fans all the way up to 100% **** hits the fan, literally. I am clueless and gonna take it in to Micro Center later today.
It has to either be my mobo or PSU.
Feels like you're checking the brakes when your AC isn't blowing cold air, lol. It really can't be your PSU...especially since you mentioned it happens at idle. For now, that's the last place I would look. it could be the motherboard, but that's doubtful, too, considering what just happened.

Unstable memory can bork windows. Seen it more times than I can count when benchmarking. Try new OS and only use two matching sticks. Did you confirm they were on the memory QVL or..........?

Can you elaborate on the fans thing? What does '**** hit the fans' mean? What happens when you turn the fans to 100%. Also, WHY are your fans at 100% in the first place??? No need for that! Set them at 50% or something!!!