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Random freezes

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Nov 23, 2001
My friend asked me to fix his comp...I don't know what to do though? Once in a while it just freezes...any suggestions on how to fix this?? (Other than reformating)
just once is a while?? when it is idle?? of course the first things i look to are the PSU and heat.
It freezes a lot...not once in a while. The type of freeze is very strange, the stuff on the screen stops moving and the mouse pointer goes away and the computer dosen' t turn off or go to a blue screen.
His system:

Athlon 1.2
ECS Mobo
30 GB Hard Drive (maxtor)
Sony 8x CDRW
256 mb SDRAM pc133
Nvidia Riva TNT2 32mb
PCtel 56K Modem (I know, what a loser he doesen't have cable)
ATI TV Tuner card
don't worry about it, I fixed it. Just a bunch of irq conflicts.

mdcomp said:
don't worry about it, I fixed it. Just a bunch of irq conflicts.


I've been having some trouble's with those as well. Suck's when you start running a lot of PCI card's and then add the Raid controller on top of that. Thing's can get a little hairy.

I built a PC for a friend of mine a few week's ago. His system ran fine over here. But as soon as I gave it back to him it started locking up a lot. Giving hime BSOD's. I told him to run Window's Update. He did and the system has'nt locked up since then.