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Random rebooting with Norton Systemworks 2003

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Jun 4, 2003
Well the topic kinda says it all, but here is the problem.

I bought a K6-2 500 off a forum member and so far it has been a great little system. However whenever I try to install the Norton Antivirus client, it reboots. But not right after installation. It is fine until I do a liveupdate and try to get new virus definitions.

As soon as it starts applying the updates, it reboots. Then I can't get back into windows because it just keeps rebooting as soon as the NAV client loads.

I have used this program on 4-5 other computers and have NEVER had this problem. The only way I can get it fixed is by booting into safe mode, and manually deleting the folder. I can get back into windows ok with this method, but it doesn't help me get antivirus software on the computer.

Here is a bit more information:
The problem was the same when the OS was windows 98 on a FAT partion, win XP on a FAT partition, and win XP on a NTFS partition. I tried both the Norton Systemworks 2003 and a standalone version of the Antivirus software (corporate edition) and both did the same thing. I only tried the second version on the XP with NTFS installation.

It sounds like there is something in the bios that is making it so the software can't write to or access the boot sector, but I can't find anything that is specific to this. The motherboard is an Aopen MX59 Pro, and I am using 256mem, Maxtor 20gb hard drive, onboard video and sound, and a PCI creative modem.

I will try pretty much anything you suggest but I need to get this fixed in the next day or so as this computer is a Christmas present for my in-laws and we are leaving on Wednesday.

Help a brotha out!