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random reboots at stock

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New Member
Feb 18, 2002
elk grove, ca
athlon 1.4, i would be positive its a tbird except that the clock multiplier is locked and dont 1.4 tbirds come factory unlocked? anyways...i had an old case that i had slightly moded w/ 2 120 panoflo's and some 80's and a swiftech mcx462a...good airflow and stuff...got it to 1.6 using just fsb...felt i could go higher but it would place too much of a strain on the rest of my system (asus a7a266 does pci bus kinda messed up cant really set its ratio)

so i get a new case and i move my rig into the new case, but it doesnt have as good cooling so i clocked back to stock. it was running fine when i went to sleep...even turned it off instead of leaving it running...i get home the next day and its tweakin out...i had forgotten to switch the jumper on my dvd rom to master so i had 2 slaves and some other crap...anyways long story a bit less long i now get random reboots. sometimes i just lock up as well...my temps are about 40-43 and its at stock. when these lockups happen the system will usually hang during post. i do a force shutdown and come back up and it auto clocks back to 1.050 and goes to setup and says that i have an incorrect cpu speed...so ill set it to manual and 133/33 (still 1.4 mind you) and it will boot fine and run fine...then reboot again or lock up...then i have to set it back to automatic 1.400.

same clock speed for both...both stock...yet lockups and reboots.

is it the cpu? or maybe i tweaked my ram runnin the bus to high with my old setup? its nothing in w2k i already formatted.

The Doors

Vesuvius Senior Ocer
Jan 18, 2001
Athens - Greece
Hi cable,
Probably depends by the mem modules that doesn't wanna work togheter, try with a Bios upgrade, generally can helps with this kind of probs ;)



Dec 30, 2000
It could be a power problem, what watt is your psu, and more importantly what are your 5v rails at?


Aug 11, 2001
"The Southland" California
lol-one time I had a problem with restarts-my powerstrip cord was loose.

really, it's most likely a ram problem, first, if you can, underclock the fsb, to see if the ram is just unstable, or whether it is actually defected.

Mr. $T$

Sep 15, 2001
Probally RAM, try bios upgrade, If you have a good friend That has a Duron/T-bird/Xp swap an see if that works. Maby P.S.U. It could be all kinds of things you might try to do a OS overlay.

Good Luck this is the funky world of computers!;)