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random restarts , cause of cpu?

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Oct 12, 2002
asus a7v333 raid bios 1014
amd 2400
xtremeddr 512MB PC2700 CAS2
leadtek 250TD ULTRA

all of them runnin at stockspeed.
it felt quite weird anyway since i installed xp and it wouldnt recognize my audio and the promise raid controller.
now i'm getting random restarts on my machine. sometimes after 10 min, sometimes after 30.

where might the problem be?

btw, i cpu and graphic card is with AS3

weird thing is that the graphic card is now hotter with as3 (based on handfeeling status, not any probe)
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I had a similar problem with rig #3 in my sig just recently. Everything seemed fine but as soon as I would run Prime95 the thing would turn itself off. I swapped the memory and psu but it still had the same problem. On this machine I'm using air-cooling, and I suspected a cpu temp problem (even tho mbm was never going past 45c). I pulled off the HSF, tightened up the spring tension, put everything back together, and now it's been folding proteins for almost 24hrs with no problems.

Also rig #1 in my sig starts randomly rebooting around 2600mhz (which is also accompanied by a loud click and spin-up from the hdd :( )

So maybe a cpu / heat problem?
alllright, i tested it with the memtest and it has showed 21 erros so far which would lead to the mem mailfunction?
it restarts randomly in winxp
i had the mem to aggresive setting, now that i put it back to cas2.5, 6,3,3,2t it seems to work stable
That'll work too. You didn't mention any aggressive settings in previous posts.. :)

Though you'd think XtremeDDR 512MB PC2700DDR CAS2 could handle that. Makes ya wonder
well, xtremeddr advertise theirs as the gamer's memory and runs CAS2 with 1t command...
i'm really disappointed