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Rank: 1,574,180 and damn proud of it... actually no.. not at all :(

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Mar 12, 2002
Villanova, PA
User: Nuthouse
Group: www.overclockers.com Seti Team
Registered: 11/25/2001
User ID: 3391564
Results returned: 7
Last result returned: 3/19/2002 11:16:52 PM
Total CPU time: 58 hrs
Avg. CPU time: 8:19:23
Result interval: 392:33:33
CPU dedication: 2.1%
Rank: 1,574,180 of 3,606,011 (54.579%)
Users with this rank: 63,720

what can I do on the software side to make my computer faster.. any tweaks or whatnot. What is that option that windows 2000 has that asks "Optimize for background services"???

I use my computer as a workstation, but I want to overclock it here is my setup. I need it to be stable, yet fast. maybe add a couple of MHz to the FSB? I am running crucial PC2100 DDR cl2.5. ANy other info you need? Should I be posting this somewhere else?
Actually if you just commit to crunching a unit or two a day on a continuous basis you will advance very quickly. About 50% of all Seti members have done less than 50 units if my memory serves me. I'd say roughly 1.5 million people signed up because they thought it sounded cool and then they quit.
I *hate* quitters!!

TC, you forgot to point the dude to our tutorial!


Nice system by the way. I'm not familiar with that board, but
I'm sure it has decent memory settings. You should look into them
and see about cranking them up some!

Also, have you considered unlocking your processor and
overclocking that some? SETI *loves* a high FSB (Front Side

Also, your IBM GXP series hard drives are bombs waiting to
happen! I've had no less then 5 of them die on me, and back
when I got them they were the schiznit! So I got 8 of them.
with 5 down and 3 still running, I'm not to happy with them.
I HIGHLY recommend you try to keep them cool as best as
you can. A good way is just simply have a case fan pulling cool
air from the outside of your case across them. Believe you me,
it will extend the life of those CRAPPY drives.