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Raptor problems

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Mar 12, 2003
cincinnati, ohio
OK, here is the deal

I run windows xp on my rig, bought a raptor and hooked it up. I can see everything fine. My question is how do I get it bootable with an image of my primary windows install. I have tried alot so far about 8 different things all very time consuming. Here is my list of things that haven't worked maybe some one can help me. I think alot of my problems are related to the assigning of drive letters in windows

1. Windows backup. made a back-up to a network drive from windows, installed windows on the new drive and restored the backup. when I did this I got about a third of what I had. All the data was there, but my programs were missing from add/remove and it just wasn't running very well.

2. norton ghost 2003, did this and the system hung at the starting windows logo at the initial blue screen. followed the ghost with a windows repair and it booted fine. problem then is that with it being the only drive it was assigned a drive letter of K, The drive was seen as K when I started the ghosting problems.
I would be willing to try it again if there was a way I would know I wasn't wasting my time.

3. Western digitals data life tools, this took like two hours and did nothing, when I went to boot I got nothing out of the drive no boot record nothing, just a flashing curser.

4. partition magic to change the drive letter after the ghosting thingy, this just fubar the drive. Had to re format.

I still have my old drive intact and can try it again. I went ahaed and started to give up, and start a new install on the raptor. But my os load is like 2 years old, and I have a lan coming up in 6 days, and there is no way that I will have the time to return everything to be ready for the party (I could but my girl would leave me LOL). Anyways if anyone has done this please help me. I think it would be easier if it didn't get such a crazy drive letter assignment after the ghosting.