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Rated operating temp for P4/1.6Ghz Willie?

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I've got a P4/1.6Ghz Williamette overclocked to 2.133Ghz (FSB@133, stock voltage and OEM HSF!)

What is the max rated operating temp for this proc?

My CPU temps seem to be hovering around 60C and case temps 38/39C at load. I know my case temps are a little high, but this case (In-Win FT621) has very few options for case cooling. It comes with only one fan mounting point :eek:

I'm tweaking around with fan orientation and cable management to get the best temps but short of cutting holes in this case (something I'm not yet willing to do) or purchasing a new heatsink (very little room or fundage), there's not much more I can do.
I couldnt realy say about the temps, but they do seem a little high. Im an athlon person and ive got a 1600+, but i usualy stay in the 50's. P4's are supposed to be cooler, so i would suggest getting to about 50.
Your CPU and clock speeds are exactly the same as mine (a 1.6a clocked at 2.13). My case is a full size tower with no fans whatsoever but i'm currently using it with the side off. Like you I also use the stock Intel HSF.

My temps at a room temp of around 24C are:

With side of case OFF
Idle: CPU 35C, System 38C
Heavy load: CPU 45C, System 48C

With side of case ON
Idle: CPU 42C, System 45C
Heavy load: CPU 50C, System 54C

Of course if I put some fans in the case i'd get much lower temps with the case side on but i'd rather not increase noise levels.

I'd say your temps are a bit high and I don't think running your CPU at 60C is going to do it much good - it's going to shorten the life expectancy of the chip by a fair bit running at that temp for prolonged periods. Perhaps you could try removing the side of the case as a temporary solution until you can afford a better HSF or can bring yourself to cut holes for more fans. Also, how did you affix your HSF? If you fitted your stock Intel cooler using the supplied black pad then you could try removing it and re-fitting using some Arctic Silver - that should reduce your temps by 3-5C (if you do this make sure you read the instructions on the Arctic Silver website for best results).