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Ravin Shield...BSOD...Why?

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May 9, 2003
My girlfriend just bought me this game the other day for christmas but I'm having problems trying to play it. About five minutes into the game I'm get BSOD everytime...WHY? This has never happend to me in any other game. I have everything in my sig running stock and have all apps turned off, nothing running in the background. I have also tried OC'ing for some extra power, but every time I get the BSOD. I looked at the system minimum specifications in the manual and I'm Way above everything listed. I dont get it? Is my rig not good enough to run this game. Someone please help me.


Dec 31, 2002
[email protected] in New York
Well...I don't see anything in your sig, so I don't know what's in your computer...but usually, when that error happens, it's either an overheating problem, or a faulty power supply..so check on those things.

Oh, and does it happen at a certain point in the game, or is it time-based? Have you installed the latest patch for the game?


Aug 13, 2003
if you have the latest patch and virtual drives that is most likely the problem. what is your cpu and video card, what drivers are your running, what verion of direct x, give us something to work with other than my game dosent work please.


Sep 25, 2003
Mesa, AZ
Might want to give updating the drivers for your chipset a shot too. Sometimes that'll do the trick. Sounds like either a driver problem, or a PSU/heat problem to me.

What video card/driver version are you running?
Is your video card oc'ed?
Is your CPU oc'ed? If so, what vcore are you running at?
What type of PSU/mobo/CPU do you have?
What are your temps (CPU/system)? If you don't know you can download MBM5 here.

We need some more info dood. ;)