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Rdram Samsung Rocks Pc800= Pc1160 !

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Mar 8, 2002
Paris ,France
In my TH7 II had 256Mo of Kingston RDRAM (45ns) that would not go above 960 (120fsbx4 or 160x3 ) so i decided to try the new Samsung (40ns) (2x128Mo ) to see , and i could not beleive it ,
i could raise fsb till 146 keeping the multiplier at 4 ,getting so PC 1160 with stock DGRC! I had hesitated to buy PC1066 but it was too expensive and i have read it would not work at x3 , I am glad i got the PC800 !

1,[email protected]@1,65v+ Alpha 8942 cpu temp 42°C idle 51°C full load (p95 ) MB temp 30°C idle 35°C load
2x128 Samsung RDRAM PC800 @145x4
TH7 II+ GF 2 PRO + 2HDD Maxtor D750X 40G
Lian Li PC 69 case with 2 fans intake + 1 80mm exhaust + 1 slot fan +Enermax 365 PSU with 2 exhaust fans !
case temp 25°C

Johnny Knoxville

May 29, 2002
dude you seriously got lucky


Inactive Moderator
Jul 12, 2002
Actually TH7-II's generally do at least this well with Samsung PC800. The reports I've read from the TH7-II crowd all say the board likes it better than PC1066, and nearly all say they got even more out of the 45ns Samsung PC800. But either way you have no shortage of memory thoughput. Too bad you don't have a touch higher multiplier to get the cpu speed up a tad. My 1.6a has 2600 in it very easily.