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Reality Check -- Chicago Style

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Mar 3, 2002
Who's going? I got my confirmation e-mail on Friday, I will show up for a few hours tongiht. It looks like a pretty sucky event to be honest. I don't think I will stick around very long, but I want to go and have a look. Do they serve beer? If they do I might stick around :D

"I heart intel" t-shirt at the ready....:D
cool, look out for a guy with red hair and a British accent. Or more a name tag that says Kevin Marks :D
*Thinks |ABout Driving Illegal LOL* I WANA |GO I WANT A NEW CPU maybe if i start walking now ill amke it hehe
I will report back with my findings. I will arrive quite late though. I may miss all the erm....good bits.
Well,as you know I expected it to be bad, but not that bad. This was a cheezzzzy event like no other. For a start the localtion was terrable. Parking? forget it. About 50 spots for around 600 people. OK, I thought. Long walk will do me good, parked the kevmobile up and in I went.

It was basicly a room in the back of a factory. It had a stage and some stands dotted around from HP and Sony. Here is a list very basic things that AMD should have done but didn't.

1, Provide parking for your guests

2, If you are not going to provide parking, at least provide your guests with a seat. I was stood for 2 hours. Most of the spots around the side where you could sit on the floor and lean against the wall where taken.

3, Provide a bar selling drinks and refreshments.

4, Don't just throw T-Shirts and hats in to the crowd. Creating miniture riots where ever these things landed. I moved around to the edge of the place so I would not get crushed to death if a hat landed near me. Give them out in raffles etc.

5, Show us some hardware. This was a MAJOR downside. I was looking forward to hearing some verbal pornography regarding the hammer and accompanying technology. I was expecting some kind of slide show presentation. But nothing of the sort. A simulated benchmark program was running between an 2600XP and a P4 2600, but it was very very lame. There was a small reference to 64 bit procesors in one of the questions though. :rolleyes:

there was nothing much there that you couldn't have seen in BestBuy six months ago. :mad:

On the plus side I managed to meet a few members of the overclockers.com. There was a small group of us down to the right of the stage.
You missed all the hammer stuff? They had a full presentation on this at the PA event for the VIP people. Some AMD rep talking about thermal management and what not. Lots of cool pics of the hammer and its referance heatsink design. Also, the guy totally dissed Artic Silver, commenting how AMD only recommends Shinetsu or some company starting with a "Shin"
No, I was not a VIP. Do you have to be a share holder or something? Anyway, we can see pics of the hammer on the internet, it is the real thing I wanted to look at.