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Really need your help!!! Helping me pick my motherboard....

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Creeping V

May 11, 2003
Im trying to figure out really bad if i want to get the Abit IC-7 G or the Asus P4C800 Deluxe. When i first install them i will be funning on a P4 2.0A ghz processor and in like july i will bump my stuff up to a P4 3.0 at 800 FSB. I will prob also install either a radeon 9800 or a Geforce FX 5900 Ultra. Can yall kind of help me telling me what kind of fans and stuff im gonna need if i put in the 3.0 later on.

Please help me pick just pick what u would think suit best for my plan can PLEASE if u have the time can u list the pros and cons u think it will have....

I really need your help and i appreciate your cooperation
:p :p :p


Well, first of all, are you planning to overclock your system?
If not, then you can run the processor with the stock heat sink/fan and it will run just fine. You can add case fans to your liking...it depends on how much airflow you think you might need.
If you are planning to OC, you'd have to go with a better HS/F to cool your CPU and you would definitely want some good airflow going through your case...You'd have to experiment with fans/fan placement to see what yields better temps.


Aug 18, 2002
As for the two motherboards, just look at their features & decide which ones you want. Read some of the reviews in the motherboard forums to see if theres any problems you should know about.


Oct 23, 2001
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I'd go with the Abit IC-7 it is of slightly better quality than the
Asus. For example, it uses rubytron capaitors, instead of those cheap Taiwanese ones that leak. Also, it has active northbridge cooling, and tends to overclock a little bit better. It has better customer service, and also the layout is a little bit better. For example, the Epox's proc socket is a little too far up and could block some heatsinks from being installed, and also the ATX 12V power connector is towards the edge so it can be hidden easier.