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Really new to overclocking and it seems like I'm not sure where to start

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The cooler arrived at my friends address in the UK yesterday - I originally tried to buy directly from a UK seller, but the 'ebay global shipping program' would not ship to Canary Islands, which is odd because last time I checked we are actually on the globe FFS!!

Anyway, no bother because ebay GSP originally quoted me 16 euros to ship here - oh, they were quite happy to quote me shipping when I 'bought' it but then when I tried to pay they told me they wouldn't ship here at any price because apparently we are not actually on the planet - So I had to go with 'Plan B'. My UK friend is also a business supplier to my SL (Sociedad Limitada - Spanish equivalent of a LTD or CORP) so the cooler is going in with the next shipment free of charge, and an extra kilo or so doesn't matter on a larger shipment, so in the end I only payed £2.90 UK postage

The cooler comes with one brown/beige fan so that looks original to me, the other fan seems the same size/mounts but it is grey/black and thinner,so I am not sure about that one. I'll post some pics when it arrives so we can work out if I got a bargain or not.

When it actually arrives here by TNT or Fedex so-called 'Express Shipment' will be another matter entirely - seeing as we are not actually on the planet. :rolleyes:

I reckon sometime around 14 days from the UK with a bit of luck. But I could be wrong. Maybe it will be just 10 days.
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If you keep a backup of an SSD, you should keep a backup of a HDD as well. SSDs are LESS prone to failure than spinners. That said, when they do go, there is little warning. You should have a backup, period, not because it's an SSD.

If your PC still has a HDD as the OS drive and you're a member here, you need to rethink your priorities. :p :rofl:

Ditch that cache setup and get a real SSD (M.2 even) for an OS, Bandit. Less complication = less problems. :)

Need a 2TB SSD for my OS drive to replace the HDD I am running, but won't be spending that much money right now can wait unless you will be kind enough to send me a new one for nix? haha. Keeping double back ups, one in the system itself then another offsite.

The SSD plan was use that for the OS and move data to HDD after realizing the quality of the cheap SSD I figured not much point in the event it does die better to just use it as a cache drive with StoreMi, at the below price its a no for me. Got 6TB HDD for $119 USD.

Still sounds like a solid choice, the "S" in the model number denotes the single fan version, an extra fan is a bonus. I was worried that someone had taken the $30USD Noctua fan off and thrown in two cheapo fans for that price, and fans can be a big part of cooler performance. Anyhow dual fan setups with dissimilar fans can degrade performance, or help, depending on a bunch of factors, but you can always use the extra fan somewhere else.

For the SSD why do you need 2TB? Anything with 500GB and a DRAM cache will be fine for an OS drive, then you can keep the rest of your stuff on the spinner.