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Really Strange HSF

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Apr 23, 2001
When surfing the net I came across this really stange looking HSF and would be most interested in people opinions of it
That's a Zalman cooler. From what reviews I read, it didn't perform all that well. It looks cool but, function abviously follows form on this one.
the reviews I have seen have it doing very well, and it is quiet which is a bonus. I don't think you can get it over here in the US though.
you know, if you just take that, and rotate it so the fluff part goes around 360 degrees, the surface area would be incredible. It would have to outperform the $80 swifttech and be better and maybe cheaper. Just my thoughts though.
Nickname the Golden Peacock? or The Bloomin' Heatsink ? Hell, if it works, I don't care if it looks like an I.U.D.
shadow's on the button. there was a review on the main page about the zalman cooler. potential, and quiet, but not the performance to be of real use to overclockers.
The Zalman is one of the more "Forward Thinking" HSF designs I've seen. If they didn't have to split the fins down the middle to accomodate that cursed clip system, I'd bet it would perfor better. It's weird when you see reviews that are all over the place on an HSF. Usually a given make and model performs similarly, whether good, so-so, or bad, regardless of who tests them. The radial fin concept is the strength of the design. The fan placement is the "Achilles Heel". Just my informed opinion here.

From their website and reviews. This is supposed to be a Noise Reducing heat sink design. The fine fan design of the sink is not supposed to require a large, loud fan to facilitate cooling. It comes in two parts as the picture shows. The fan mount and the sink itself.

I agree that the reviews, when compared to FOP's or CAK's, did not shine favorably upon this design for hardcore cooling. If your gonna run a minor OC or stock config, I'm sure it would work well but I wouldn't trust it on my processor w/o a big *** fan :)
I've just ordered and received one of these from Korea, model 3100. It replaced a FOP38 and it performs not as good as the FOP. With the FOP I was running at 800@1060, temp below 40 Celsius. Zalman 3100 is running at 800@1020, temp 43 Celsius. The difference in loudness is great, now it's possible to be in the same room as the PC. Have plans for modding the cooler, move the fan to center above the FHS and mount a casefan at the back of the case to extract air out of the case. I've read several reviews of the cooler, some bad and some good. I think it performs quite well, and it is silent.