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really weird FSB problem

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New Member
Feb 27, 2001

TBird 1.33 (266) AXIA at 1609MHz with 11x146.31
2x Corsair CAS2 256meg
Hercules Prophet 2 Pro (225/490)
Philips Accoustic Edge
Dlink NIC
ATI TV-Wonder
some USB stuff (Camera; Sticks; Wheel)

Bios YH fully optimized settings; ADIC off

Voltage Mod and plenty of Air-cooling (Swiftech 462A; Case Cooling en masse, ...)
Temps: Ambient: 26 (deep south); CPU 40/46; System: 29

here's my issue:

In W98SE i have no problem with running the machine at a FSB of 152 (10.5 multiplier --> 1596 MHz). It's totally stable (games; Prime95; folding; Internet explorer, ...)

in W2K it get lockups in Internet explorer (YES!!!) and sometimes in some other small applications tha do not use signifficant resources as soon as I get to a FSB of 149 or higher (the higher the FSB, the sooner the system 'freezes')
Games; Prime95 and the other 'heavy' stuff is stable for hours in W2K with 10.5x152.
Ain't that funky?

My prime suspect are the detonator drivers (or directX ???), because I tried the system with VGA only (detonator deinstalled) and could browse for about 30 minutes without lockup. With the Detonator it usually locks up after a few minutes at FSB152.

any thaughts out there on this?.....
Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I think you reached your FSB limit, bro. 152 MHz FSB ain't bad though, by any yardstick.... :)

At 150 FSB, I found the GPU on my cheapo GF2MX was getting pretty hot. It can only be worse at 152 FSB. I cobbled up a better HSF for my GPU and my freeze-ups went away. You might want to try a temporary lash-up and see if it helps.

The 7.52 det's are very stable. Not sure what your running. Nice system & clock btw. ;-)

I agree with Sirfin. I know people that have had trouble with the 10.x detonator drivers but are fine with the 7.52
Screw win 2000,I have the same trouble at 150 fsb on win 2000 .But in WinME the system is stable as a rock.

The win 2000 is like NT it wont allow software to talk to hardware,This is why servers and professional systems are more stable.And also why NT had a 500 page list of things it would not work with.Win 2000 being the next generation of NT has a big list of add on cards it wont work with,Or will work but at lower performance.Also some software will not run in the Win 2000 O/S

For a gamer or a overclocker were speed is the driving force and unusuall settings rule the day,,The 9x platforms are in my opinion way better.
not to turn this into a Win2K thread, but Win2K comes with the application compatability tool that lets you simulate Win 9x and NT 4(any service pack). Any time I've had trouble getting something to run, this has always worked for me.

Check out NT compatible sometime, There's a huge list of stuff that does work with 2K, or ways to get alot of the 'troublesome' stuff working.
I (think I) was definitely able to isolate the problem:

IE (in W2K) and memory. I've upped the I/O voltage to 3.7 (reads 3.81) and the VCore to 2.05 (Voltage mod) and now it runs at 152x10.5 for more then 24 hours already. Folding is on all the time) and I'm surfing too.
But: I use Netscape most of the time, which seems to be less demanding on the memory.

System temp is 26 (22 ambient) and the CPU is 45 (load).
After this post I will switch to IE and post again in an hour.