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realtek chips worse than 3com chips?

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Feb 15, 2001
vienna, austria, europe, earth
i was wondering if there are differences between a noname nic with realtek chip than a nic with a 3com chip....

i´m using win98se an os and basically surf the web or play on lans....
which nic with which chip delivers better results??

Noname realtek nic is giving me problems trying to get more than 150 FSB. I've heard 3com, D-Link, and IBM nic's are better at handling an out-of-spec PCI bus. Maybe that's not what you were asking though. I can't vouch for performance differences.

i have a nic with a realtek chip running in a box of minie where my fsb is set to 150 ( cant culculate the pci bus now... too lazy..)
and works fine....

i was basically asking if the are performance differences between 3com nics and nics with realtek chips
Maybe if you had a server dishing out out massive amounts of data across a LAN you might see a difference in performance, but not really on a small lan and definitely not surfing the web.
I couldn't find the link to it today, but when I was picking out lan cards, I came across a site that had done some transfer speed testing- the realtek chips didn't do so well, but varied according to the card they were on- a couple were dismal- a couple fared ok.
3Com seems to consistently come in at the top of everyone's list- I went with revision 5.1 of the Ethersys LNE100TX and have been very happy with them- a good bang for the buck.
Here's a page that might be of interest also:
As a side note>In the real world, a fast ethernet system will outrun any hard drive- I remember the fellow who did the test I mentioned had to use ramdrives to test transfer rates..
Hey I have Roadrunner (sadly) with Time Warner and the card they put in is a RealTek, should I spend a few bucks and purchase a different one? Will it be able to speed up my conection any, because my connection isnt nearly as quick as it used to be.
Even if you were to get a 100mb NIC...if it's just so you might be able to speed up your RR service...forget it...the modems only transfer at 10mb.....so buying a card rated for 10/100 would be useless to gain any speed with road runner.

the only way your going to speed up your connection is by finding the right RWIN value and making sure your MTU is 1500.....

I went from 1248kbs to over 2200kbps just by finding the right RWIN value....( BTW...road runner sux...they MAX out at 2500 on the connection when other companies offer up to 10000.....can't wait for "OOL" to be available in my area...RR is history then...)

to find out more info on tweaking your connection...go to

RR sux lol tell me something I dont know. I used the regedits at speedguide.net dont know if they helped or not.

btw: Could you tell me the path to find my RWIN value plz. How do adjust it and whereabouts should it be at?
You can DL a program called "DrTCP" it will allow you to adjust the settings without having to manually go through the registry....