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Rebuild / upgrade looking for fine tuning advice

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New Member
Jan 20, 2023
Hello y'all... I recently had to upgrade my system after I moved, old one refused to post after the move... Oh well, guess I should upgrade a bit...
My last build was an X370 (C6H) with a 1800x, and there is a number of things that work differently with this x570 and 5700x so i'm sure that there are tricks or tweaks I haven't found. I am reusing my GPU and Ram from that build.

I'm looking for any fine tuning advice for this build.
This'll likely be a long post, so fair warning...

My new build's basic info:
MSI MEG Unify X570 mobo (running AE0 BIOS)
Ryzen 7 5700x
32Gb Team group Samsung B die - 4x 8Gb single rank sticks (default xmp 14,14,14,14,28 @3200)
GTX 1080ti gigabyte Aorus Extreme waterforce.
EVGA Supernova 1000w PSU.
Timetec 2tb m.2 (pcie3.0 - in m.2 slot 2)
Samsung 960 evo 1Tb m.2 (pcie3 0 - in m.2 slot 3)
Adaptec 7805 raid controller (pcie3.0x8- in slot 5, running in x4 mode, 1gb ddr cashe with write back and backup battery) RAID 10 with 8 team group 512Gb SSD's in 2x Venus 4x2.5" drive bays.
CD/DVD/Blueray Drive.

Cooling systems:
CPU - XSPC raystorm pro water block.
GPU - stock full coverage water block.
RAM - a Corsair dual fan left over from some dominator kits I had.
2x 120mm fans mounted above Mobo.
1x 50mm fan on 7805.
Custom separate water cooling tower - designed to run multiple computers.
2x 560mm X 60mm and 1x 420mm x 60mm alphacool radiators.
11x 140mm SP type fans.
4x 200mm fans
Pteg lines, large tube type reservoir, separate 24v PSU and step down regulator for 12v and 5v to run a fan controller.
1x main pump on tower - PWM controlled 24v fountain pump. Running at about 25%
1x Pump on case - standard PC pump don't remember brand running at 40-55% (2700-3200 rpm) controlled through MOBO mounted under another reservoir.

Okay, So I've already been setting things up and tuning what I can for about a week now and my current settings are:

PPT-154W TDC-108A EDC-139A Boost @150Mhz (4.8Ghz target) CO -30 all cores*

3800M/T 16-16-16-16-32, fclk-1900 set @ 1.43V (reads as 1.44V in Bios and HWMonitor)

2114 core (custom curve using MSI Afterburner 1.093V max) 6008 Ram.
Really not any room to improve this without a custom BIOS or hardware mods.

Runs 4799Mhz on any single core load and most 2-4 core loads.
Light Multi threaded will hold 4714Mhz (like passmark 10 benchmarks)
4545Mhz in cinebench R23 peak temp 72c
4375Mhz in Prime95 using smallFFT setting peak temp 82c
956-7799 score in 3dmark CPU Profile test.

* I tested using per-core and found if I kept the CPU wattage (as reported by Ryzen master) under about 130W I could run any negative CO #'S but If I passed around 133W random cores would go unstable under full load using any settings for the CO to include up to +15.
My PBO #'s are adjusted to get the best overall performance without breaking past 130.9W.
The same kind of thing with the Boost Mhz, if I passed 4.8Ghz target (+150) random cores would go unstable no matter what CO settings.
When I say random cores I mean it would vary what core was acting up every time I'd stop and restart a stress test or reboot.

With these settings - No errors from P95 in a 4hr run on smallFFT or on sallestFFT for over an hour.
Passes Corecycler set to 480sec per test 10 loops with no errors.
no issues running AIDA64 extreme stability test with CPU, FPU, Cashe ,and Memory checked- for over an hour at a time.
Passes TM5 using extreme1@anta777 profile (3 nights in a row now)
No errors on large FFT setting of P95 for over an hour...

GPU Passes any benchmark I toss at it (3dMark timespy, passmark 10.2, in game tests) and 3dMark stability test. And runs in various games I have.

i'll run more stability tests on it as time goes on, but right now its in a usable state and not showing any problems.

various benchmark results, and my ZenTimings info.

ZenTimings_Screenshot3800cl16.png cachemem12023-3800cl16.png P_20230120_181523.jpg P_20230120_174003.jpg

P_20230120_180434.jpg P_20230120_182718.jpg