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recomend a pelt

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Nov 29, 2001
how big of pelt do all u pelt people thing would be good enough to cool my cpu to ambient under full load? i dont really want to go below ambient just yet because i am trying to avoid haveing to insulate due to condensation and idle temps dont matter because my cpu is always under full load seti makes sure of that for me so whats your recomendation?
I think the 50% rule is a little too close to the edge.
BTW, if you look at the dewpoint charts you will see
that for most indoor environments you can safely
go 7C below ambient before condensation shows up.
Controlling a pelt that closely is another issue.
well i want it to be able to cool 100W to ambient temp +/- a little because i am sure i'll be able to oc it that high if i get a pelt so i am trying to figure out what i would need to keep it at about ambient and a 200 watt pelt sounds like it would cool to a good deal below ambient
Thats a dead link but I really need something along the lines of a 330 could you post a working link the page loads white and then says done.

Maximus Nickus said:
Make sure the Watts given out by your CPU is less than the Watts of the Peltier, don't forget you need to cool the Peltier as well!!!!!

www.wetandchillychips.com has a 320Watt Peltier!
Bender said:

Peltier failure is very rare. Peltiers are more reliable than most fans and even water pumps so I wouldn't worry about it. The only bad thing that could happen with a peltier is if the wires came off.

I agree, but you can have cascade failure i.e. if your WC
systems fails the pelt will get hot enough to destroy itself.
Your fan could also chew the wires off. :eek: