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Recomend me a good 1TB SSD please

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May 12, 2015
Hey guys, my storage system is getting smaller and 1 HDD is old as dirt lol and I need a larger drive.

Currently have

WD 640gb blue Have had this HDD for like 10 years since 2008 when i bought my E8400 Wolfdale system lol its just a basicaly 7200 RPM 16mb cache sata drive.. Yea its old and i should probly just eliminate it from the system but i dont use it for anything other then storing stuff i download or pictures so i dont need speed for just that.

WD 1TB black, had this for 2-3 years now.

Silicone Power 256gb SSD had this for 2-3 years now too

Basically i have the 640gb for Pictures, photo backups from phones videos some movies, and stuff like that, the 1TB black and the 256gb SSD i bought with the pc in my sig. The WD drive is for games i dont play at the moment, and the SSD is for windows and games i do play.

But i am running out of space quickly, the 1TD has maybe 110GB left, my SSD has only 19GB, and the 640gb drive has about 200gb left but i dont put my games on that drive.

I need a bigger HDD, but I dont wanna get a normal HDD because i need a SSD for gaming, and im tired of swapping games back and forth everytime i install 1 new game the 256gb drive is too tiny.. i know i can get like 4TB drives for the same price as a 1TB ssd but i dont want a slower HDD. I can only afford a 1TB SDD i was looking at the samsung 860 evo. But what do you guys think ? I think i need to replace the 640gb drive as well, last time i scanned it, it was showing a bad sector or two so its showing its age. So maybe down the road ill get a 4TB drive, like a WD blue for just storage..

Anyway, Im on a budget here just bought a 600$ Vega 64 so i cant spend too much, 250 TOPS... MAYBE 300 if you guys can manage something out of that.. What do you guys recomend. Maybe i should Just get rid of my 256gb SSD and just reinstall windows on the 1TB 860 from samsung. Then Later get a Seagate Firecuda for game storage, and use my 1TB WD black for other stuff to get rid of that old 640GB hdd

Also why is my SSD write speed so slow ? Read is 500mb/s but write on all the tests is 39-50 mb/s Its soooo slow.. I tried erasing stuff on it freed up 50gb of space and same thing, it is in SATA port 0 so its on the 3.0 port.. Any ideas ? Ive noticed installing games and stuff on the OS takes FOREVER and this would explain it
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Your ssd issue may be best for another thread really....not a lot of information here... like what app showed those speeds? To see advertised speeds, you should be running atto. A screenshot would be great. :)
ill likely be picking up one of these 2tb micron ssds when my wd blue is filled up. ive never bought anything from rakutan so i cant vouche for them. there is a coupon code that comes and goes SAVE15 that puts it right at $250. Micron 1100 2TB SSD is also available from amazon. they arent the fastest ssds but still faster than a hdd. make sure you do some homework on the return policy as its unlike any ive ever seen.
I ordered the 1TB 860 Evo it has same day shipping for free lol which was interesting, I hooked it up, and moved warhammer total war to that SSD.. Hole crap my load times are like 10second between battles.. my old SSD would take like 2-3 minutes.. which got annoying.. I tested the SSD using CrystalDisk and i saw 550 read and Write, where my old SSD i saw 550 read and 40 write... Something is wrong with my old SSD..
Many things can slow down your SSD, from bad drivers to Windows to bloatware/malware to wear and tear. One thing most owners don’t seem to know is that the more you fill it up the slower it gets, when I got my 850 evo I was advised to always have at least 25%-30% free space, but I don’t know if that still holds true for newer ones ?