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Recomened heatsink...

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New Member
Mar 14, 2001
What heatsink would you all recomend for a 1100 Tbird going on a kt7 raid?

links please

Right now its runing at 57 c under full load with the heat sink that came with it. This is not good right? I havn't O/C it yet still at 1100 what do I want to get that down 2?
The Swiftech 462A is the best out there. I am currently on my laptop on the road so I don't have my bookmarks but I believe the site is: www.swiftnets.com
Yea, just checked, that's it. I have this one one order and should have it soon. There are only two problems with it, well maybe three, first, they are fairly pricy. I spent $110, but that includes a rehostat and shipping. Second they are currently out of the Delta fans and they are on back order with Delta. Maybe a couple more weeks before they are in. Last you have to diasemble your PC to install this HSF because it mounts with the four holes on the mobo next to the CPU. Oh also Swiftech was talking about getting out of the retail end of things. If he has already then check the links to his distributors on his web page. Maybe they have some with fans also.
The Swiftech is a bit pricy. Also, at this point I'd suggest not buying the FOP38. The WBK38 only costs about $2 more, and it works a little better (and for only $2, why not?). I really think the most reasonable way to go right now from a price/performance/noise perspective is the WBK38 hacked to accept an 80mm fan of choice. 80mm fans will move more air than 60mms for a fraction of the noise. And the WBK is relatively cheap compared to other heatsinks and (especially after the fan "hack")offers exceptional performance for its value.