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recommend hsf for o/c duron

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Apr 17, 2001
i want to get a duron 700 to 850 mhz processor and o/c it with air cooling. what heatsinks would you recommend for best cooling? thanks
Copper, Copper..and um...Copper...No seriously, you'll probably hear a lot of reccomendations here. I'm gonna try to run a 750 Duron on a GlobalWin FOP38...they're really cheap right now.

I'm using a CAK38 w/ is a solid copper unit on my 850 PIII and it works like a charm but were talking about apples to oranges w/ comparing a PIII 850 to a Duron 850 when it comes to heat output.

Someone will surely chime up sooner or later...Good Luck.
For a duron, one of the best out there now is currently the cAK38, but that would be overkill, I would get a FOP32-1. It has all the performance youll need, at a price youll want :)

(Man, I sound like a salesman there :) )
Better overkill than underkill. The CAK38, though loud, is effective and you'll use it on your next CPU, when you get it.

thermo engine, but if you feel the need to go copper don't botter with the global win, geth the thermal right SR6
Cak 38 or Glaciator. And use a 700mhz duron, its cheaper, but will overclock just as high.