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Recommend me some RAM

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Oct 11, 2003
In keeping with the recent trend of upgrade-for-Doom3-and-Half-Life-2-ness, I've decided that in addition to a much-needed video card upgrade (from a geforce 2 to a 9800 pro), I'm probably gonna buy some RAM. Right now I'm running 512MB (2x 256MB) Corsair Value Select Dual Channel DDR PC2700 which runs fine at the rated speed (333MHz). I'm looking for 1GB (2x 512MB) Dual Channel DDR PC3200, and I'd like to get it for under $225. I'm thinking of getting this, since Corsair seems to be a fine brand that won't break the bank. Since I want this upgrade to last a while though, I'm willing to spend a little more- is it worth it to spend the additional $50-100 and go for RAM with better timings? Is there a noticeable difference?

One more thing before I forget- I remember that RAM speed varies with FSB speed, and if this holds true, then once I install my RAM it will still be running at PC2700 speed. How can I increase the RAM speed without upping my FSB?


Oct 13, 2003
Couple of things. You get what you pay for when it comes to RAM. I would definately get a gig, and I would definately get some 3200. What brand and latency is up to how much you want to spend. I just got some of the new Balistix from Crucial and it runs super tight timings and costs $100 less than either Mushkin special or Corsair LL. I know I have been toting this ram a lot since I got it.

Second thing, since you have a AMD chip you want the synchronus bus. Memory speed and FSB should both be the same, I am not sure if that was your question. Hope I helped anyhow.