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Recommendations for more parts

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Dec 1, 2014
I have some extra money so I'm looking for some suggestions on more components I need.
Wifi 6 router. Hopefully not more than $200.
Looking for a new case similar to the one I have.
The blue light isn't important. I like having my power and reset buttons on top. I take it the power supply being on the bottom would be better?
Looking for a 2 tb nvme card for my new motherboard.
I could also use video card and 32-inch monitor suggestions.
I also have a question. Should I have gotten 3600 MHz instead of 3200 MHz memory? I'm also considering going to an 8-core CPU. I don't do a lot of heavy gaming so I'm wondering if it's even needed.
Even though I do research I like knowing what others think from their experience.
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First question is - what's your budget?

The NVMe drive answer is pretty straight forward - Samsung 980 Pros are high end, but high price. More mid range, I like my PNY CS3040. But of course I may be biased on both.

Video cards, of course they are still at a premium, so your budget really comes into play. Also the type of monitor you're leaning towards - if you're thinking 4K and all that. If you're honestly not into a lot of heavy gaming, something mid range like a 3060 might work.

8 core vs your 5600X? It's one of those cases that's purely up to you. AMD is coming out with a new line later this year, so unless the upgrade is super urgent, personally I'd wait. The RAM question also comes into play here - if you upgrade later, DDR5 prices will likely drop.

Sorry, but don't have much offer on case/monitor selection.
Have a pretty good budget I just don't want to go crazy. If video cards are still high I can wait. I thought Asus had come down.
I was wondering if the 980 Pros were still good.
I just built a new system minus a few things I'm asking about now.
Forgot about mentioning whether or not I want 4K. Honestly I'm not sure if I want to go that route yet. Probably should wait on that lol.
Just wanting ideas and you gave me some. Thanks