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Recommendations for New Build =-= Stop the Panic Buying

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Aug 17, 2001
So I am trying to piece together a new build. I really need suggestions on everything. The underlying issue was the need for a dual monitor setup and windows 10 upgrade, so I started looking at video cards. I was not keeping tabs on that whole debacle, and am still using my 8800 GTS 640. So down the rabbit hole I went; realizing GPUs were few and far between, I excitedly preordered an 11900K. The reviews came out and left a funny taste in my mouth, but AMD seems like it would put me in a same NET situation moneywise.

My plan is to use the iGPU for dual displays (1080p? x 2) until I can land a 3060ti or better. Motherboards I am thinking the z590 chipset; I was hoping to see EVGA's boards but doubtful will show in time. I will need new storage options, memory, and power. I will continue to research, but any feedback and direction as what to either consider or avoid is greatly appreciated.

I am not concerned about a budget per se, the use will be mostly for embroidery/graphic designing, and general gaming. The overclocking features are nice to say I have, I don't know whether I will use them right off the bat, especially if the 11900 runs hot. I'll start there and TIA
I went from a z270/7700k to the x570 & 5800K. I even upgraded the Nvme M.2 drive to a larger one. I do music editing with some video, but my primary use is gaming. So far for the cost, I saved quite a bit and so far I'm very impressed with the AMD. Last AMD rig was during the 939 days, so after all my research, the AMD was the way to go.

I've been an avid intel user, but I noticed every new chip/platform upgrade was subpar for the cost. Besides, I already spent my wad on the AMD rig before the 11900K release. Do I miss the raw clock speeds? Sure, but in reality I barely notice it. Running 4.8Ghz right out the starting gate seems alot faster than the 5.0Ghz I had with the 7700K.

One thing to bear in mind is you'll need a really good cooler for the 11900K. Also you'll benefit from 16Gb of ram (3200). Depending on how much life is left on that 830 you have, you might want to consider going new Nvme M.2.

Dam scalpers are having a field day with the vid cards. I almost sold my 1070, but glad I didn't. Hopefully the stock will replenish by summer and they'll be deals.

I'm sure the other guyz will chime in with better suggestions.
Since you already have a 11x Intel definitely go with the z590 but don't hold your breath on the eVGA. They are still estimating around April/May (so May) but no clue when for sure. They aren't even listed on the eVGA website yet other than the release post on their forums. When they do release it will be near impossible to get one and big $$$ for ????. They may be worth it if you have elite status where they offer the discount though. You might check out the Asus series like the Strix-E which is about the same cost and readily avaliable.

For ram take your pick, G-Skill, Teamgroup, whatever just get some B-Die and call it a day. I like Teamgroup because of the price and they often go on sale at Newegg for $20 off or so. M.2 SSD are in stock everywhere, I like Samsung personally but also use Intel and Crucial with no problems as well.

I'll leave the PSU recommendations to others because I still use the same old Silverstone I have for years now and have no clue on all the new models. I would buy an 850w+ in case you end up with a 3080 though.

For your GPU all I can say is good luck. I'm assuming you aren't in the eVGA que already which means you would be at least 6 months out if you register now. I would enter the Newegg shuffle every day for every graphics card they offer except for the silly 3090 because you might get lucky. Just be ready to pony up the big dollars with the higher prices now.