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Recommended Voltages for AMD Oc'ing

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Oct 30, 2002
New Jersey
I have an Athlon 2200 @ 13.5x133 ... the voltage is set to 1.65.

If I increase the FSB to say 140-150-166, should I need to go up voltages? IF so how many, and what if I decrease the multiplyer at the same time?

Like what are the recommended voltages for Mhz. Does the voltage go strictly by the amount of Mhz you have?

If so what do you recommend for 2200 Mhz, 13.5x166, or if not that... then 11x200, 2100?

OC Detective

Jul 30, 2001
No voltage doesnt go strictly by MHz. What you need to do is to overclock to the point of instability at default voltages. Only then should you try to overclock further by increasing Vcore or VDimm. This should give you further capability to overclock - though like the overclock the increase in voltages should really be done incrementally. Around 1.85Vcore should be your maximum for the new Tbreds with very good air cooling - if you increase Vcore then you will increase temperature!


Nov 5, 2002
Seattle, WA
I assume by the voltage that you would have a T-bred.

If it isn't unlocked already, unlock it and drop it down to say, 11x166. Start moving up in fsb till it crashes while testing stability, and move up the voltage. Keep going till you hit your limit.

Another piece of advice....pull all the pci cards + turn off serial/usb ports....they tend to hinder you in finding your max FSB. After that, it's up to you.