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Red Hat 9, Mandrake 9.1, Windows, and the hostname

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Apr 18, 2001
Troy, NY
When I installed Win2k, and named the machine, say "machine", on my local network, contained inside a linksys broadband router, I was able to immediately "ping machine", from my WinXP box, and it would find it.

When I installed Mandrake 9.1 over the Win2k, and named it "machine", I was able to immediately "ping machine" from my WinXP box, and it would find it.

When I installed RedHat9 over the Mandrake (these are all fresh installs, no dual boots), initially trying "ping machine" would not work. It was not able to resolve "machine" into the IP address.

So, I went into the network properties, and changed it to a static IP, set it up accordingly, didn't touch the host name, and rebooted.

After reboot, I was able to "ping machine", and it was able to find the hostname. I even set up Samba and mapped a drive from the WinXP box.

Did some more things, like activate Apache and the vsftpd, did another reboot to make sure they started automatically, like I wanted them to, and suddenly, "ping machine" no longer worked.

I've done some reading, but haven't found anything beyond the basics. Anyone have any idea what would cause this behavior, and/or the solution?

In the interim, I've set up my WinXP hosts file, but the odd behavior indicates to me that the hostname SHOULD work without the hosts entry.

Thanks! :)
Check and see if you're using DHCP or static IP allocation. If it is DHCP, make sure that your IP is the same as what is in the hosts file. It is possible that RH9 is pulling a different IP than you expected it to.

Isn't the network naming **** all just NetBIOS or sumpin? I can do that without host files on all of my networks ....