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redhat will scese to exist this spring. what to replace it with?

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fireball****aka fireball_87

Senior Member
Feb 14, 2001
aparently all updates to the free ver of redhat will stop this spring, along with new versons. what are some of your thoughts on distros to replace it? ive looked at slackware and knoppix, but neather of em relly fill in for all the things redhat does.


Inactive Moderator
Jan 4, 2001
Northern VA
I think SuSE will take RedHat's place.

Novell just bought SuSE, so it will be pushed alot more for enterprise use, which means is should start to go the RedHat way.

Either that or Novell will totally ruin SuSE... :D j/k


Inactive Moderator
Jan 13, 2001
Minneapolis, MN
Well, I think there are 2 different markets that Redhat served, at least in this context....

The first would be the Linux "users" who want a widely used, well supported (in terms of updates and patches), and well documented distro to use, one that they would pay for. One that they will have the least amount of "trouble" type issues. To me, these people are mostly non-Windows Windows users if you take my meaning.

Then there are the true tinkerers and hacks that used Redhat just because it was a free download distro that's fairly easy to work with and common, which is the category I think most of us around here fall in to.

It's my belief that members of the first group will wind up on Suse (most likely) or Mandrake (less likely). I'd tend to think the members of the second group would continue on with Fedora or Mandrake, maybe moving on to a more advanced distro like Gentoo or Debian or Slack.


Linux challenged Senior, not that it stops me...
Dec 28, 2001
Corner of No and Where
I have wondered which way to go myself- Fedora is pretty good but there are a few things I am not happy with, although they can be tweaked away.
Overclockix (custom Knoppix) is good as well although I still have not tried a hard drive install yet (it runs from the cd normally.)

Mandrake STILL does not like me.
Gentoo doesn't like my older video cards (1 or 2 meg pci stuff) and nics
Debian refuses to give me an xserver
I still haven't tried SuSe.

I will admit to being a bit strange about my distro needs though: I refuse to accept a distro that won't configure a gui successfully for me and I do NOT like a distro that tries to get rid of the commandline.
(Debian and Fedora both bother for reasons above, in order. I insist on the gui because I think it is required for widespread acceptance and I want the option to boot into commandline for the pure power of it- no wasted resources. Picky, ain't I?)
Still searching....


Oct 17, 2002
I used to use RedHat, but have switched to Gentoo. I find the gentoo runs much faster, and their emerge utility works correctly most of the time. The only time I have installed RedHat since using Gentoo was for a friend to use as a router. I chose RedHat because I didn't want to spend days setting up Gentoo. Gentoo is a good way to go if you really want to learn how to customize linux.