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reeaaalllly dumb hsf (globalwin fop38) question

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New Member
Jun 15, 2001
I just got my Globalwin FOP38 hsf, and Im not sure how to put it on. I read everything on globalwin.com.tw, so I get the clips, but one dumb question: thermal paste? It has that thermal tape stuff on the underside of the hs, but my chip shipped with paste. Should I use it, or will the tape be enough? Also, my Athlon has a blue coating on the chip, should I clean that with alcohol, or leave it as is? Thanks for putting up with such a clueless idiot, I just don't want by 'bird to burn :)
Welcome to the forums...Most people tend to remove the suppled patch or TIM (Thermal Interface Material). You can use a razorblade to carefully remove the TIM and then use rubbing alcohol to clean the surface.

Apply the thermal grease or arctic silver in a thin layer, evenly over the CPU core...then carefully attach the heat sink being sure to keep it level so you don't crack your core. There should be a notch in the bottom of the FOP. the higher portion get's placed so that it clears the socket on the mobo. Take a look at your socket first...to one side of the processor is a higer portion of the socket...be sure your sink is mounted so that it clears that base. Good luck.
Welcome to the forums

WillysNut just gave you great information, but I just wanted to point out asking for advice no matter how simple to other people is not at all dumb.
What would be dumb would be NOT asking and being unaware of all the information you required to be able to complete the task to a good standard. :) which can result is damaged CPU's

Seems like an intelligent question to me !!
Yeah rsd212, what they said! I'd also like to welcome you to the forums. Please feel free to ask anything, even if you think your'e sure about something, it never hurts to get reassurance that you are doing the right thing. When you spread the goop, don't use your finger. Use a clean object such as a new razor blade or the cleaned (with alcohol) edge of a credit card. You want to be sure not to contaminate the Heatsink or core surfaces. Use a very small (bb sized) bit of the goop and spread it evenly over the surface of the core. Please hang around and tell us how it's going.
Thank you all very much for your response. I wont get a chance to build this beast for a few days, but I'll come back with how things go. Its an Athlon 1.33, and I was lucky and got an AYHJA. Hopefully with my Crucial DDR I can clock this thing pretty well. Ok, well, another question: I have an Epox 8k7a+ motherboard, and I looked and the CPU temp alarm is adjustable anywhere from 50-100 degrees C, so where should I set it? I would like to have an alert if things go wrong, but I dont know where's a safe place to set this. AMD says 95 degrees is the max for the core, but the temp is taken a little below the chip, insulated by some air. Any comments are welcome, as always :)
65C is where I would put the alarm. It is safe for perhaps another 5-10C, but after that its even money on whether it lives or not.